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NPS Image Editor 3.4.5 build 18408 release

Bug fixes and small improvements to layer blending and themes
March 19, 2023

NPS Image Editor 3.4.4 build 18217 beta

Layer blending modes, opacity, modern Options dialog, and more!
March 7, 2023

NPS Image Editor 3.3.1 build 17261 beta

Minor enhancements and fixes
February 6, 2022

NPS Image Editor 3.3.0 build 17163 beta

Added screen clipping tool, transparent clipboard paste, automatic updater, and more!
September 12, 2021

NPS Image Editor 3.2.1 build 16468 beta

Bug fixes and minor improvements
May 16, 2020

NPS Image Editor 3.2.0 build 16391 beta

Adds support for layers!
September 2, 2019

NPS Image Editor 3.1.1 build 12806 beta

Bug fixes and minor improvements
December 21, 2016

NPS Image Editor 3.1.0 build 12703 beta

NPS 3.1.0 includes new color spaces, enhancements to the color picker, more filters, and numerous other improvements.
November 20, 2016

NPS Image Editor 3.0.60

January 15, 2012