Download NPS Image Editor for Legacy Systems 1.1.0 build 170 beta

NPS Image Editor is a free, unique image editing program that is perfect for pixel art, drawing, and photo editing. It is lightweight, customizable, and intuitive, yet surprisingly powerful. This version is designed for older systems running Windows 98, XP, Vista, and 7 and requires .NET Framework 2.0; read more on the website.

Adds layer blending modes and better theme support (NPS 3.4.5 feature cut)

Release date: March 19, 2023

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Release notes for this version

  • Layer blending support
    • Added layer blending modes: Normal, Dissolve, Keyed, Dodge, Burn, Multiply, Screen, Overlay, Hard Light, Soft Light, Hard Mix, Add, Subtract, Divide, Difference, Exclusion, Lighten, Darken, Lighter Color, Darker Color, Bitwise AND/OR/XOR/XNOR/IMP, Red/Green/Blue, Average, Hue, Saturation, Color, Lightness, Roll Hue
    • Added global opacity for layer
    • Switched to "FastBitmap" data structure and updated tools to use it
    • Added option to use the old renderer (faster, but disables blending modes and global opacity)
    • Updated Layer Properties dialog to include blending mode and opacity
    • Added Compose/Decompose layer to RGB channels
    • Updated NPSD to version 1.2 which supports blending modes and global opacity
  • Theming and UI
    • Added Modern Link color and Button hover state colors to themes
    • Fixed hover state colors for welcome screen, should follow the theme now instead of always being orange
    • Fixed Application Workspace color resetting to system theme after a document was opened (visible if you're using anything other than the default theme)
    • Added theming support to Update and Feedback dialogs
    • Dark theme fixes to menus, toolbars, icons, and various controls
    • New themes: Acrylic (inspired by Windows 11) and Studio (inspired by Visual Studio) including dark variants
    • Updated themes to better handle new changes: Elegant, Elegant Dark, High Contrast
  • Miscellaneous enhancements
    • Layer list is always shown by default
    • Added feature to resize canvas by 1px using Shift+arrows
    • Text tool no longer keeps aspect ratio when resizing from corner
    • Layer Properties now previews changes in real time
    • Added support for 7-Zip instead of DotNetZip (retrofit from Legacy branch)
    • Rename "Lock Saves" to "Read Only Mode" to be more intuitive
    • Added support for 7-Zip instead of DotNetZip (retrofit from Legacy branch)
    • Renamed "Release" to "Channel" in version info dialog
  • Bugs fixed
    • Fixed broken "Show Cursor Outline", this is enabled by default
    • Fix crop to monitor, clip from screenshot, and screen clipping edges for some multi monitor configurations where there are gaps between the monitors
    • Fix capitalization of "Like" and "To" in MRU error message
    • Fixed corrupt Murrica brush
    • Fixed crash in Brush Manager when importing
    • Fixed layer renaming inconsistency where Layer 1 had a name but Background did not
    • Fixed spurious update notification when no internet or update website is down
    • Make MRU count defaults consistent between configuration and actual use
    • Update selection coordinates in status bar when moving
    • Fix bug where canceling out of Save As dialog on close, or running into an error, continues closing with no chance to save
  • More aggressively warn when saving NPSD file that was opened with errors
  • Added "Copy Gradient" to Color Picker to copy the current gradient as an image
  • Replace badly-outdated NPS3.chm with offline copy of modern Help