Download NPS Image Editor 3.1.1 build 12806 beta

NPS Image Editor is a free, unique image editing program that is perfect for pixel art, drawing, and photo editing. It is lightweight, customizable, and intuitive, yet surprisingly powerful.

Bug fixes and minor improvements

Release date: December 21, 2016

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Release notes for this version

  • Fixed auto-scroll mode always stuck ON
  • Fixed Text tool prompt showing up strangely when clicking "Edit" in tool pane
  • Fixed Ctrl+Enter behavior in text tool
  • Configuration Panel
    • Fixed bug where you would be prompted to restart on a welcome/generic page with no change
    • Fixed bug where you would NOT be prompted to restart after making a change requiring to restart and then switching to a different page
  • Bucket fill
    • Fixed tolerance functionality
    • Fixed transparency aware functionality
  • Renamed compositing-related settings to be more descriptive -- Transparency Editing Mode, Color Compositing Mode, Selection Compositing Mode
  • Updated wording to consistently use "Blend vs Overwrite" instead of "Overlay vs Replace"
  • Correctly save color compositing mode and cycling mode
  • Fixed broken Quick Evaluator dialog and added color preview
  • Fixed spurious warning for negative-number OLE system colors
  • Added cursor to screen color picker to installer folder (missed file in installer in last update)
  • Fixed issue where NPS didn't delete any of its temp files (undo and extensions), clean up previous instance's files at startup
  • New document numbers now increment correctly (previously every new document would be named "Untitled-1")
  • Fixed vertical scrolling (tilt wheel scrolling still has issues with badly written drivers such as Logitech which don't send WM_MOUSEHWHEEL if they see a scrollbar)
  • Fixed missing prompt when creating new document
  • Fixed Crop to Selection leaving the old selection behind