Download NPS Image Editor 3.1.0 build 12703 beta

NPS Image Editor is a free, unique image editing program that is perfect for pixel art, drawing, and photo editing. It is lightweight, customizable, and intuitive, yet surprisingly powerful.

NPS 3.1.0 includes new color spaces, enhancements to the color picker, more filters, and numerous other improvements.

Release date: November 20, 2016

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Release notes for this version

  • Fixed Windows version check to return correct version
  • Switched target framework version to 4.0 for main application and released extensions (no more need to install .NET 3.5 on Windows 8 onwards)
  • Major internal code cleanup/refactoring
  • Renamed "New Instance" to "New Window"
  • Rewrote Color Cycling
    • Fixed bug where colors continue to cycle for certain tools where it doesn't make sense, such as Freeform Select
    • Added cycling support for "one-off" tools such as line. Placing a new line cycles the color once.
  • Scrolling improvements/fixes
    • Scrolling of the image now works when the mouse is in it, without having to click first
    • Smooth scrolling support (Not working for Logitech, may be slow, you can disable it if it causes problems for you)
    • Tilt wheel support
    • Default behavior of Ctrl+Wheel is to zoom, Shift+Wheel is to force horizontal scrolling
    • Fixed bug that pushes the canvas outside the scroll area when toggling touch-friendly mode or applying settings from config panel
  • Color picker and Color Resolution Engine
    • Internal code refactoring
    • Added standardized color mixer for color spaces: RGB, HSV, HSL, HCL, Lab, XYZ
    • Added color pickers for palettes (Quick Palette and recently used), adjustments to current color
    • Removed broken selectors: Gradient Plane, Gradient Wheel, Alpha Colorimetric Gradient, Watercolor, Color Tones, Variations
    • Hid obsolete/uncommon selectors by default: RGBA Mixer, HSV Mixer/Plane, HSL Mixer/Plane, Web. You may still re-enable these manually.
    • Updated OK/Cancel buttons to match theme
    • Updated Edit -> Copy menu to display new style values
    • Fixed 1px line in preview box (previously visible when displaying transparent colors)
    • Added support for OLE system colors (e.g. vbButtonFace) in Win32 evaluator
    • Added readable() function to CRE to allow you to select the optimal text color (black or white) for a given background
    • Added coalesce() function to CRE to return the first non-empty color
    • Added buttons to add to Quick Palette, copy, and paste
    • Added custom cursor to screen color picker
  • File loading and saving
    • Added support for HTTP, HTTPS, and data: URIs
    • Fixed unintentional locking for images
    • Brush properties can now be accessed via Edit -> Properties and will only pop up once when saving a new brush
  • Components
    • Per-user vs shared paths, different users can now have their own brushes/colors/textures
  • Selection
    • Hide selection outline when using arrow keys (allows for pixel-precise positioning with arrows)
    • Resizing by grabbing at corners will maintain aspect ratio (use edges to resize non-proportionally)
    • New selection outline style (translucent highlighting while making the selection to improve visibility of exactly what gets selected)
    • Added Invert and Compositing Mode to context menu
  • Filters
    • Added: Histogram Equalize, Median, Swirl, Gamma, Alpha, Mixers for XYZ/Lab/HCL
    • Updated: Channel Mapper (added XYZ/Lab/HCL), "Black and White" renamed to "Threshold"
    • Removed: Brighten, HSV/HSL Invert, Channel Mixer (use Brightness/Contrast, Channel Mapper, and RGB Mixer + Alpha instead)
  • Feedback
    • Added refresh option and alternate feedback method when error occurs
  • Maximum size of window is limited to 1920x1080 for initial startup, friendlier OOBE for 4K or other large monitors
  • Updated NPSConfig.exe to .NET 4