Download NPS Image Editor 3.0.51

NPS Image Editor is a free, unique image editing program that is perfect for pixel art, drawing, and photo editing. It is lightweight, customizable, and intuitive, yet surprisingly powerful.

Release date: August 6, 2013

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Release notes for this version

Added and Improved Functionality

  • Added custom brush support
  • Added fixed (90,180,270) rotation
  • Added arbitrary rotation
  • Added ObsidianSharedObject support (English: this makes various menus work much faster across multiple open NPS windows)
  • Converted Palettes extension component to use ObsidianSharedObject menu
  • Added check for existing palette to "New Palette" dialog
  • Added basic texture brush support
  • Added zoom-selection support
  • Added Tile Image feature
  • Added (buggy) rounded rectangle
  • Added constrained proportions to rectangle, rounded rect, and ellipse
  • Added support for alpha-enabled previews (versus keyed previews)
  • Added transparency mode selector menu and buttons
  • Added support for transparency mode selector in rectangular select tool
  • Added (partial) support for zoom auto-scrolling
  • Added Warp tool with transparency
  • Rewrote bucket fill tool:
    • Added All, Contiguous, Bounded modes
    • Improved speed via LockBits
    • Multi-directional
    • Fixed infinite loop and random non-filling bugs
    • Tolerance support for each feature
  • Added transparency mode awareness to eraser tool
  • Added basic clone brush
  • Fixed "From Clipboard" button, made it update on window focus and added error handler in case it doesn't
  • Added filter tool and filters
  • Added Color Selectors to Component Manager
  • Added Alpha support to fore/fill color indicator

Bugs Fixed

  • Fixed half-pixel offset bug for good
  • Fixed Hand tool
  • Fixed broken "New Palette" dialog (theming support, checkbox disabling)
  • Fixed "Add Swatch" dialog tab order
  • Updated autoscroll hidden scrollbar algorithm
  • Fixed CRE FromLegacyColor formula to prevent accidental transparency
  • Fixed CRE ToLegacyColor formula
  • Fixed selection issues
  • Fixed zoom-related bugs
  • Fixed rectangle and ellipse preview drawing bugs
  • Fixed zoom bug on Crop To Selection
  • Fixed color dialog standalone
  • Fixed color picker copy values bug

Removed Functionality

  • Removed unfinished color selector buttons (these will be added back when the color selectors themselves are coded)

Known Issues

  • This build is NOT optimized for performance. You may experience general slowness, especially with larger images.
  • Occasional zoom and rounding bugs, especially when using fractional zoom levels like 150%
  • Brush editor is preliminary and is limited to converting BMP/PNG images to NPS Obsidian brush format.

Not Implemented

  • NOTE: This is not a feature-complete release. Some elements of NPS are not fully functional.
  • This Help system is not complete.
  • The following paint tools are partially implemented and may be missing important functionality:
    • Zoom tool
    • Text tool
    • Clone Brush
    • Texture Brush
  • The following paint tools are not implemented at all:
    • Freeform Select
    • Magic Wand (may be discontinued)
    • Gradient
    • Polygon
    • Bezier Curve