Download Multiscreen Blank 2.1.0

Multiscreen Blank is an easy-to-use utility that allows you to independently blank out or dim one or more monitors connected to your computer. Monitors fade in and out with smooth transitions.

Fixes issues with Windows DPI scaling, inconsistent command-line argument operation, and bugs with dimming. Adds screen blanking support to the desktop context menu (optional).

Release date: November 5, 2017

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Release notes for this version

  • Fixed issues with Windows DPI scaling -- now supports per-monitor DPI in Windows 10
  • Added desktop context menu option
  • Fixed issue where minimizing the main window and then running a command-line argument caused the main window to move off screen
  • Added ability to dim via command-line
  • Added ability to toggle each individual monitor in a selection via command-line
  • Added "current" command-line selector for the screen the mouse is currently on
  • Switching between dimming levels and dim/reveal/blank is now a smooth transition
  • Added extra information about current monitor state and physical device scaling to Information popup
  • Fixed issue where having Multiscreen Blank open with prompt to exit prevented Windows shutdown
  • Added "Blank all", "Reveal all", and "Reveal all but current" to right-click menu of a dimmed screen